The Project Team

A short introduction

Dr. Stefan Böger | © Dr. Stefan Böger

Dr. Stefan Böger

is a biologist and responsible for the coordination of all initiatives for the conservation of biological diversity at the Government of Middle Franconia. Among others, he initiated and managed the projects Lebensraum Burg, Lebensraum Buchleite and Landgang for many years.

Out of the cooperation with Philipp in the Bavaria-wide project came the idea to develop the Landshuter Lachmöwen project (the Black-Headed Gulls of Landshut) into our joint project Mitmachmöwen, in which I address together with Anna the Middle Franconian black-headed gulls – or should that be the European ones?
Phillip Herrmann | © Markus Mayer

Philipp Herrmann

is an ornithologist, a graduate in nature conservation and originator of ideas for the Mitmachmöwen project. Until July 2022, he was part of the Mitmachmöwen team as an employee of the Government of Lower Bavaria
I find bird migration to be one of the most fascinating topics there is. Unfortunately, many people only know it from television. But it takes place right on our doorstep. You can get a really good feel for it through the black-headed gulls that come every winter to our Bavarian cities.
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Cordula Jeschor

is a landscape ecologist and has been responsible for ESD/environmental education at the city of Nuremberg since 2001. She enthusiastically manages the Centre for Energy and Environmental Education at Lake Wöhrder See and has been actively involved in the project Lebensraum Burg for many years. She is our specialist for Mitmachmöwen-related environmental education and events in Nuremberg.

From our terrace you can watch wonderful birds – in particular, now in autumn the black-headed gulls, which spend the winter here around the lake!

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Heidrun Albrecht

is a biologist and ornithologist who has worked as an environmental educator in education for sustainable development since 2001. She has been working as a freelancer since 2018. In cooperation with the Centre for Energy and Environmental Education at Lake Wöhrder See, she is developing an educational concept on black-headed gulls aimed at different target groups.

“Mitmachmöwen awakens in me my old passion for the research on bird migration that I used to do way back at the start of my professional career. I want to share this passion and inspire ‘researchers’, both big and small, to become actively involved through offering exciting projects and programmes!”


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Anna Reichart

is a geoecologist, environmental planner and the biodiversity manager at the Government of Middle Franconia. She is responsible for various biodiversity projects in Middle Franconia, including the Mitmachmöwen project.

“Fortunately, black-headed gulls are really easy to spot. By drawing on your ring reports, we can find out more together about the history and migration routes of the black-headed gulls.  It’s really interesting to observe the international guests that visit our cities in winter. I can’t wait to discover more about our feathery friends!”

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Nicole Sillner & Fabian Jankl

Nicole Sillner is a communication designer who focuses on the environment and sustainability. Together with database professional and programmer Fabian Jankl, she brings nature conservation and environmental education projects such as to life.

“The more intimately we are connected to nature, discovering its diversity, uniqueness and beauty, the deeper our awareness of conservation becomes. When you observe black-headed gulls, you’re not only highly entertained, but the reports also contribute to a more indepth understanding of the lives of these gregarious master thieves!”