Gulls – up close!

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Join in the research, report rings and experience the world of gulls!

Gulls in Bavaria? And some of them have got rings?
What’s that about? Don’t gulls live by the seaside?

In the summer, black-headed gulls flock to the many lakes and rivers in Bavaria to breed. In the winter, they migrate across the whole of Europe or spend the winter in Bavaria! This means that we can observe them all year round.
The “Mitmachmöwen” (Get-Involved Gulls) project is your opportunity to help us explore the lives of black-headed gulls and find out exactly what they do in winter.
Have a look at the sightings map under the “Get Involved” tab to view the exciting observations that others have already made.

Dive into the world of black-headed gulls and their fellow inhabitants on the rivers and lakes of Bavaria.

Report a gull-sighting!

Gull sighted? Report your gull to us, with or without a ring. If you find a ring with a little luck you will learn more about “your gull”: where it was ringed, what routes it took, and how old it is. Join in the research!
You can view your own sightings on the map and find out more about where else “your gull” has been.